Electrical Equipment Recycling

Many companies across Canada turn to Aevitas to recycle their unwanted and contaminated electrical equipment. Our experienced team specializes in the dismantling, sorting, decontamination, and recycling of the following types of electrical equipment:

  • Substations, electrical bushings & capacitors, cables etc.
  • Drained or oil filled transformers
  • Lamps & bulbs (mercury-bearing and non-mercury bearing)
  • Mercury containing switches, circuit breakers, switch boards
  • Batteries (back-up & stand-by systems, alkaline, nickel, UPS, lithium, car, cadmium, lead acid, laptop, mercury, rechargeable, silver oxide, lithium ion, single use etc.)
  • And much more

Aevitas offers collection and recycling of electrical equipment to customers in Vancouver and Lower Mainland areas. Help reduce your environmental footprint and improve public health by contacting Aevitas about our electrical equipment recycling or other recycling services below:

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