PCB Destruction

PCB's (polychlorinated biphenyls) are one of the most highly regulated materials in Canada. As an example, recent federal regulations prohibit the use of insulating oil containing greater than 2ppm of PCB, and should a release of liquids containing greater than 2ppm PCB occur, the clean-up must be treated as if it were greater than 50ppm and classified as PCB waste.

PCBs are a problem today for two reasons:

  • When burned at low temperatures, PCBs create high level dioxins and furans which are highly carcinogenic compounds.
  • PCBs are very stable and do not break down in the environment, causing them to bio-accumulate and emit molecules that end up in our soil and water. These then get eaten by insects, birds, fish etc., and work their way up the food chain. Humans and many species of fish and animals around the world now have varying levels of PCBs trapped in their fatty tissue.
However, PCB's are not only limited to insulating oils but can also be found in many different industrial products installed prior to 1977, such as caulking and sealing compounds, cutting oils, inks, paint additives, coolants and lubricants.

Trust the experts at Aevitas to properly manage and destroy PCB contaminated materials. We have been safely managing PCB's materials for over 25 years and are well know as the industry leader.

We are permitted to safely transport PCB waste materials anywhere in Canada. We have a number of permitted facilities located in Ontario and Alberta which are licensed to receive PCB Waste materials. We provide PCB destruction services for the following PCB contaminated materials:

  • PCB debris
  • PCB soils
  • PCB caulking
  • PCB capacitors
  • PCB ballasts
  • PCB electrical transformers and equipment
  • PCB transformer oil / Askarel fluid
  • PCB solvents
  • PCB paints

PCB contaminated materials below 50ppm can be managed through our BC facility. Contamination determined to be at 50ppm or greater are required to be shipped out of province to another treatment facility.

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