Transformer Site Services

To save Canadian companies money and time, our experts offer a variety of transformer site services:

  • Transformer dismantling services, which includes draining transformer oil, transporting, dismantling, disposal and recycling.

Aevitas' PCB transformer retro-fill services which help to reduce transformer PCB contamination. Transformers are drained of oil, flushed to eradicate internal sludge buildup and PCB contaminants, and vacuum refilled with new degasified transformer oil. Our transformer oil choices are silicone fluid, naphthenic based, paraffinic based, or MODEF60 type I transformer oil. For information on our MODEF60 transformer oil, please visit.

Transformer draining; mineral oil with up to 500ppm PCB contamination is dechlorinated at one of our Canada-wide licensed transformer oil treatment facilities, then filtered and refined for reuse throughout North America.

At Aevitas, our transformer site service technicians are fully equipped to service such PCB contaminated or non-PCB transformers as perchloroethylene PCB, pure PCB (Askarel), mineral oil, and silicone fluid transformers. Our company is also capable of temporarily storing transformer oil, and transporting containerized transformer oil for top-ups, or bulk transformer oil for retro-filling. Contact our team at Aevitas to ask about our transformer site services, and feel free to ask about our other on-site environmental services as well:

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